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Walking in Favor:
A Journey of Faith, Perseverance, and Love

Walking in Favor: A Journey of Faith, Perseverance, and Love is a heartfelt, humorous memoir of Bernice Maxine Pitts, a woman who has lived her life with grace, determination, and a resolute belief in God. Narrated in her own words, Bernice shares poignant moments that shaped her life journey. From a childhood filled with the love of her parents in Oklahoma, her search for a husband at age 16, and her move to Los Angeles during World War II, Bernice invites readers to witness history through her eyes.


At the heart of her narrative lies a love story that transcends time-a marriage that blossomed into a partnership of understanding and love. Through the highs and lows, Bernice and Carroll Pitts stood as pillars of strength for each other, proving that an unwavering faith in God is an enduring force.


As Bernice reflects on her life adventures, readers will witness the resilience that carried her through racial prejudice, personal setbacks, and the adversities of the times. Her positive attitude, fueled by an unyielding faith in God, becomes a guiding light for those navigating their own challenges.

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A Day Built By Nature and Family

A Day Built By Nature and Family is about a family of seven, which include the grandfather, grandmother, father, wife, and their three children - their son, daughter, and baby girl - all being in tune with nature while bonding as a family for a full day of activities.

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